rings rings rings, and our finder’s keeper’s faves

So the Finder’s keeper’s market Melbourne is all over. Here are a few of the rings we had on display.

…… and now we are about to get right back to work!

  As the market was so busy, and huge, we didn’t get much of a chance to look at all the other stalls. When we did leave our post for a few moments, some of our fave stalls and stall holders were:

beattie, Okt-ober Dee, ink and spindle, sunday morning designs (where we were unable to choose between the prints and the pillow cases),  south for the summer‘s gorgeous headbands, and our only purchase of the weekend were the cute softies next door made by Torunn from Herbert and Friends!

We also met the lovely Kylie  from paper boat press,  and her friends, and can’t wait to see her work in person.

There is a wrap up of the market, including lots of photos on the finder’s keeper’s blog here

All in all, a great weekend. We are all sooo lucky we didn’t have this week’s wintery Melbourne weather!


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